Done ! You’ve wrote a beautiful mail, concentrate your best smileys, highlights most importants elements and put in red color things that they must absolutely, necessarily, unforgettable DO.

If you have do this, so you are at the top middle of people that communicating with lower levels of your organisation. Most people think that sending informations means assimilating, but in real life, absolutely not.

Each levels of your organisation has its own knowledge, tasks and actions to perform on a daily basis. They received a lot of informations from various departments, each involving particular skills and experiences on a specific domain. So easy to be under the water of too much communications as important as each other in the eyes of communicators. Varsatile teams suffers more and situation can create a gap between decidor-makers and actors .

The main personal question to work on this side effect is : How to ensure continous learning of actors and what can I build to pilot descending informations and changes to be applied at low level ?

I will share with you my professionnal experience and how we build safe environment to drive all levels of actors, to be found in collection “Descending, levelling and ascending”